5 Dog Housetraining Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Coming home to find that your dog has peed inside the house is a very frustrating situation, to say the least.

It’s very easy to get angry, and to yell at and punish your dog. However, if you want to fix your dog’s behavior, this is not the right approach.

Instead of yelling and shouting, neither of which will help the situation at all, you need to teach your dog the proper place to go potty.

It is important to remember that a dog must be taught where to eliminate his waste. If he has not been taught, and he lifts his leg on your couch, it is not exactly his fault. You, as the owner, must take responsibility for teaching the dog the appropriate place to relieve himself.

Here, you will learn about some common dog housetraining mistakes that many pet owners make. These mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of, as learning can come from them. However, if you find you are making these mistakes, you must correct them as soon as possible to ensure success in housetraining.

1. One of the first things that many dog owners will do when it comes to housetraining is find the mess that the dog has left behind and they will reprimand them right then – after the fact. It is important to avoid doing this because your dog has no idea why you are yelling. They have no way of understanding that you are mad about something they did previously.

The dog may just be lying there, relaxing, and then hear you yelling “bad dog” and not know what in the world he is doing wrong! If you are to correct a housetraining problem, such as urinating indoors, it is important that you do it when you actually catch the dog doing it – never after it’s already done.

2. Somewhere along the line, someone got the idea that rubbing a dog’s nose in the waste that he has eliminated is a proper corrective punishment. Not only is this ineffective, but it is very cruel. This action can result in many negative reactions.

First, the dog may torture himself by finding areas that he thinks you will not find the mess he has made. This can be extremely frustrating. Then, it may get to the point when you walk your dog, he will refuse to go while you are watching because he is afraid of you.

Not only can this be annoying, but it can hurt the digestive and urinary health of your dog.  Never, ever rub a dog’s nose in his waste!

3. Not providing the dog with a safe alternative to going in the house is a big mistake when it comes to housetraining. Don’t just expect the dog to know and understand that he must go outdoors to relieve himself – take the time to show him and work with him. It is then that your dog will begin to understand right from wrong.

4. Many of us will be in hurry at one point or another, take the dog out to do his thing, and then quickly go back inside. You should understand that a dog may need to go more than once, so you should allow them plenty of time to do so. Rushing it will lead to mistakes.

5. Not being positive during housetraining is another big mistake that many dog owners commit. When training your dog, remember to remain calm, energetic, and positive at ALL times. This will motivate your dog to do the right thing.

If you are housetraining your dog, it is important to know and understand the common mistakes made during this process. Then, avoid them! You will quickly discover that you are more successful overall!

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