Solve Dog Chewing Problems in 3 Steps

Dog chewing is one of the most common problems face, and one of the most frustrating. After all, it can get pretty expensive having to replace all of the things your dog chews on. Plus, it’s dangerous. Your dog could be seriously injured depending on what he/she is chewing on.

Not to worry, dog chewing problems can be fixed by following these 3 steps:

1) First, it’s important to know why your dog is chewing. Some dogs chew because their teeth hurt. They’ll typically find hard objects to chew on, such as leather or wood.

Others chew because they’re bored and they’re looking to satisfy their natural instinct to hunt and kill. They’ll pretend to kill objects by pouncing on them, shaking them and ripping them apart.

So the first step is to identify the problem. Start by taking your dog to the vet to see if his teeth or gums are bothering him.

Dogs that are home alone a lot are the most likely to be chewers. If this is the case, make sure your dog has plenty of different toys to play with while you’re gone. Just one or two won’t do, it needs to be a bundle of them, and there needs to be a lot of variety. Interactive toys are best for dogs that may be chewing out of boredom. (puzzle type toys, toys that hide treats, etc)

2) Keep a close eye on your dog when you are at home. As soon as you catch him/her chewing on something they are not supposed to – shout NO, take away the object and give a suitable toy instead. Encourage your dog to chew on it by playing with them with it for a little bit. When they start to bite on the toy, give lots of enthusiastic praise.

Never let your dog chew on anything with your scent on it – such as old shoes or socks. Your dog won’t know to only chew on the old shoes, and will think it’s ok to chew on any of your socks or shoes from that point on.

Most dogs will be tempted to chew on things with their owners scent on it, so be sure to keep anything containing your scent put away, especially when you are gone. This means socks, shoes, clothes, etc.

3) Make sure you’re using the right toys. Not all dogs will like the same toys, and if your dog is not chewing on the toys you have, then you probably haven’t found what your dog likes yet.

One of my dogs likes rope toys, the other likes stuffed animals. You’ll have the most success stopping your dog’s chewing problems if you find the toys that your dog loves.

*Here’s a great tip for finding the perfect toys for your dog: pay attention to what he/she is already chewing on. What is the material? What might your dog like about it? Then go out and find toys that match what your dog is already chewing up.

No matter what your dog is chewing on now, I recommend trying out a Kong toy. A Kong is a fun, safe, and nearly indestructible toy that you fill with treats. It can keep your dog occupied for a pretty long time, depending how long it takes them to get the treats out. (and how motivated they are by the treats – make sure they’re extra yummy!)

The best advice for getting the most from The Kong is to fill it up with something like peanut butter, and then freeze it. This makes it last a lot longer. Your dog will be licking up the peanut butter for quite a while. The filler you buy with the Kong is ok, but it’s pretty expensive and doesn’t last as long as the frozen peanut butter.

You can also rub something tasting on any toy your dog has, to encourage chewing.

Never give your dog any small bones or bones that splinter easily, such as chicken or turkey bones. These are extremely dangerous.

There are also additional training techniques here that will get your dog to stop chewing for sure in 24 hours or less.

Dog chewing is just one of many problems people typically face with their dogs.

The good news is that any misbehaved dog, no matter how old or how stubborn, can become a wonderful, well-behaved pup without a lot of frustration and hassle. If you’re having problems with your dog that you’d like to fix as fast as possible, I recommend reading this.

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