Puppy Training Advice That Works

Congratulations on your brand new puppy! This addition to your family will prove to be a very exciting one.

One of the best methods for ensuring your puppy lives a happy, healthy life is through effective puppy training.

Here, you will learn some basic puppy training advice. If you want to ensure a smooth transition for you, and your new pet, it is important to take your time to apply the techniques listed here. Also, I highly recommend taking a look at the Dog Training Secret. It helped me train my out of control dogs, and I am sure it can also help you. Check it out here: Dog Training Secret.

The first thing most people think of doing when they get their new puppy, is enrolling them in an obedience class. However, in my opinion (as well as many other professionals), this is not the best route. Most dogs who graduate from obedience school are not any more behaved than they were before. Sometimes they’re even more misbehaved!

The most important thing while dog training is a creating a good solid relationship between you and your dog.

You can achieve this by taking the time to train your dog yourself. If there is more than one person in your household, you should also get them involved in the puppy training.

One of the first things that you should know and understand when training your puppy is that there are basic commands and there are advanced commands. The three most common basic commands are “sit”, “stay”, and “come”.

It is important to avoid trying to teach your new puppy the advanced commands before they learn the basic commands. Examples of advanced commands would be “lie down”, “roll over”, and “jump”.

You should also remember to focus on one command at a time. Start out with one command and once your puppy has it down you can move on to the next command. You will know when your dog has mastered a command because they will do the desired action every time you give the command.

During your puppy training sessions it’s important to realize that to you it’s a training session with your puppy. To your puppy it’s playtime with you. So while you are training them, make it as fun as possible.

Be enthusiastic. Run with your puppy. Praise and pet them. Speak to your puppy in upbeat and positive tones. Remember, as soon as they get bored, they will direct their attention elsewhere and all your training efforts from that point on will be useless.

Lashing out commands in a commanding tone that is negative can make the training sessions hard on your new puppy. They will eventually come to the point where they lack the motivation to do what you ask if you are negative in any way.

Also, keep a treat handy. Anytime they do something you ask of them, treat them. Give them a small dog biscuit or something else that’s fun to eat.

Eventually, your puppy will come to know and understand what is expected of them before they can earn a snack. If you follow these basic puppy training tips, you are sure to find that training your new pet is a very exciting and rewarding experience.

Your new puppy will think so too!

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